One-on-One Coaching

Flight Package: 6 Months of One-on-One Coaching

Whether you’re clear on the work that you’re doing in the world–or you do a few different things but aren’t exactly sure how they all fit together to form a cohesive business  you need to have a marketing message that speaks to those you want to help.

In our work together, you’ll connect to the work you’re truly meant to do in the world, and we will translate that into a brand that attracts your ideal clients.

Before we meet:  You’ll get two lengthy questionnaires that will help you gain clarity around who you help and what you want to help with.  Many people have told me that just answering the questions gave them more focus about their work than they’ve ever had.

Foundational Work:

We’ll start by getting to the core of the work you want to do in the world (away from your limiting beliefs and the opinions of well-meaning friends and family).  You’ll get to connect to the essence of what you want to do and how it would best be expressed in the world.

Connecting To Your “Why”

There’s a story that brought you to starting your business.  That story needs to be at the core of your marketing.

I have taken many people through this process and often what comes out is something much larger than the person has envisioned for themselves.  Being able to make this deep connection to the work they’re truly meant to do has made all the difference to their business.

We’ll identify your ideal client (and when I say ideal, I mean the person who gets you, understands the value of the work you’re doing, and is happy to pay for it!) along with what issues your work solves for them.

Create Your Branding which consists of:

•    A core marketing message that attracts your ideal client.
In other words, you’ll be able to say what you do in one compelling sentence that will attract those you want to work with without having to give a long explanation about what you do.

•    Business name and tagline that is an authentic expression of the work you’re doing and speaks to those who need your work.


•Newsletter & Blogging- I will teach you how to use & set-up your newsletter & blog posts to convert readers into paying clients.

• List Building – Without a list, you have no one to sell to.  I will give you strategies to build your list and grow your tribe so you always have an engaged client base.

Valuable Free Offer – I will work with you to create a free gift that is a natural upsell for your other services which can be downloaded from your website that will get people on your list and build your subscriber base.

Product and Services Pipeline- We will work on creating workshops and one-on-one packages that provide a steady stream of income.  This includes naming which is crucial to attracting your ideal customers.

Promotion Strategy

Now that we’ve got something great to sell, I’ll work with you on the best ways to get the word out about your work.

I’ll teach you the Six Pillars of Promotion and how to use them so you’ll always have a way to let people know about you and your business.

We’ll create a promotion calendar for your offers so that there is a logical flow for your business.

We’ll explore strategic partnerships that will be appropriate for your work and you’ll get a strategy for how to approach and create joint ventures with other businesses and venues that will grow your business exponentially.

This package includes:

  • Two-1 hour coaching sessions monthly
  • An assessment of your current marketing (website, brochures)
  • One- document edit/review- (newsletter, proposal, blog post, sales pages)
  • Compelling titles for workshops and courses along with strategies for marketing them
  • E-mail check-ins once a week between sessions
  • Assignments between sessions,  accountability and support


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