Big Beautiful Brand

One-on-One Coaching to help you create a brand for your business that is an authentic expression of who you are.

YOU:  A coach, healer, or soul based business owner.

You know you have a talent, a gift, something you want to offer the world that’s about more than just making a living on your own terms.

You want the work you do to make a difference.

You may do several things but have no idea how they fit together to form a cohesive business.

Or you might be clear on the work you want to do, but you’re just not sure what form it’s supposed to take.

You’re mentally exhausted from trying to figure it out and you’re not putting yourself out there because you don’t feel confident talking about what you do.

ME: Business Whisperer who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who were unable to move forward with their business because they weren’t clear on what they were selling.

I help you put all the pieces together so it makes sense–to you and to those who might want to work with you.

I help you translate the work you do into marketing and services that speak loudly to your ideal clients.

I see your business as the largest version of itself which is often not visible to you because of fears, limited thinking and painful stories from the past that are holding you back even though they’re no longer true.

I hold the space for you to get in touch with that big vision of your business.

When you get crystal clear on how to communicate your work , it becomes very easy to market your business because you know you have something people want.

And that makes all the difference in the world.


We start with what is the touchstone of any business and that is:

Who you help and what problem you help them solve.

It’s also called your niche.

Your niche is the GPS of your marketing. 

Once you’re clear on who you help and the problem your work helps them solve, it creates a road map for the rest of your marketing and automatically provides content for your newsletters, blog posts and social media activity.

The next piece of the puzzle is to decide the language that you are going to use to speak to your ideal client.  This is part of your branding and crucial, because if your potential clients and customers don’t connect with the language you’re using, they don’t stay around very long.

The third piece is creating offers/products/services/and packages that speak to the needs of your ideal client so that it’s a no-brainer for them to buy from you.  This is the crucial piece that so many business owners are missing.

If the offers aren’t in alignment with who the ideal client is and what their needs are NO MONEY WILL BE EXCHANGED.

When  you’re clear on your branding and your niche–all the pieces of your business fit together easily, they make sense and more importantly you know what you need to do to attract your ideal clients.

I’ll be working one-on-one with you to claim your niche, create a powerful brand that calls out to your ideal clients, and create packages and services that they can’t wait to buy.

This package consists of (6)  60 minute sessions where we’ll identify:

The Who –  I hold the space for you to get in touch with who your work is really for, what brought you to doing what you do, and how the two work together to define your ideal client.

The Why –  Here is where your heart gets to speak.  Your vision, the change you want your work to make in the world.  What you want to be remembered for.  You’ll come out of this session with clarity about your who, your what, and your why.  Also known as Business name, tagline, and mission statement.

The Positioning-  Here’s where we answer the question, “why should someone work with you as opposed to someone else?” You want to be the go-to person when people are looking for the service you offer.  Creating your position is crucial to differentiating your business.  You have a certain knowledge, skill or experience that makes you different from the other businesses in your space.  Here is where we hone in on what’s unique about you to create a brand that stands out in the crowd.

Build The Funnel-  We create a pyramid of offers that answer the needs of your ideal clients but plays to your strengths.  How will you deliver your services? One-on-One? Workshops?  Online Programs?  Your offers need to reflect the brand we’ve created, and have a sequence that makes sense for the goals of your business.  This is where you learn to create a steady stream of income.

Each one of these elements are key for getting people to buy from you.  If you’re not offering people something they want, I can help you hone in on that and make your offers compelling.

Clarity on your vision and niche are what fuels the rocket ship that is your business.

The Takeaway

You’ll leave with a name for your business and a tagline along with words and phrases to use in your promotional materials that describe your business.  You will have an integrated series of offers that make sense for you target audience  and a structure for how to package your offers services that  your ideal clients want to purchase from you.

How It Works

Once you pay for the package, I will send you my online scheduler to set up the 4 dates for the sessions.  I recommend that we space them two weeks apart.  I will send you a welcome package where you’ll find juicy worksheets and questions to dig into regarding your business and where you want to go with it so that at our first session, we hit the ground running.

Clarity on your big vision, your purpose in the world and a GPS for your marketing:  PRICELESS

I invite you to step fully into who you are and to channel the passion you have for the work you do into powerful marketing that expresses who you are and what you came to do in the world.

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