When Clarity Eludes You

by Cathy on January 13, 2014

I heard something very interesting the other day.

“Clarity is an emotional state, not a mental state.”

I have to be honest–I am in the business of connecting people to their clarity and I never actually thought about clarity as an emotional state.  But as soon as heard that sentence I thought, “of course, what else could it be?”

I realize that anytime I’m experiencing doubt, overwhelm, or an inability to focus it’s because I’m holding onto fear about something.

It might not be about the thing I feel overwhelmed by or the thing I can’t focus on, but I know for sure it’s fear in one of its many disguises:

fear of failure,
fear of success,
fear of burning out,
fear of being found out
fear of being too much,
fear of not being enough,
fear of not having enough,
fear of not being loved

I truly believe that clarity isn’t something that comes and goes.  It’s always present; whether or not we can access it depends on our emotional state.

I know that I’ve tried to think myself into clarity which has only led me to frustration and eventually despair.

Now I can ask myself, “what’s the fear here?”

instead of trying to barrel through it.

When you’re stuck, taking action is never the answer.

But taking the time to find out what your heart really needs is.

And once you answer the real need/address the fear, you’ll find the clarity that’s been there all along.  That’s what will lead you to taking inspired action as opposed to feeling like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill.

And that’s where true power lies.

“Power accomplishes with ease what force, even with extreme effort cannot.” -David Hawkins

There is no reason not to follow your heart-


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