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testimonial for Nail Your NicheSometimes when we follow our instincts and the positive energy of someone we meet, even briefly, our intention is to learn from them and grow as an entrepreneur. There was so much more for me in Nail Your Niche! Not only did I find the clarity I was desperately seeking for my business, but I received an unexpected gift I didn’t even realize I needed to open.

The small group calls were a very helpful format. Cathy created what she called a sacred circle of trust for us to ask questions, be individually coached and learn from and support each other. Since all of us were newer entrepreneurs or searching for a niche or a refined niche, I found it comforting to realize others had similar questions. The calls felt relaxed and when we were being coached we had Cathy’s undivided attention.

The path to nailing your niche can be smooth, bumpy, rocky, muddy or crisscrossed. I experience all of it and the clarity at the end of the path was one that allowed me to stand in my power and declare this is it! I arrived at the level of clarity I could only dream about before the class and to be so sure is incredible.

What I did may not be for everyone, but I “retired” from my day job to follow my passion and live the way I am meant to live. How about that for clarity!

What about the unexpected gift?

A coach will typically have new clients complete a session prep form which Cathy did too. One of the questions was regarding a life changing event in your life. I skipped over the question and thought I would provide some fluff instead of a real answer. Before I submitted this to Cathy I was compelled for some reason to give her an honest but very painful answer-as an adult I had been bullied in the workplace a number of years ago.

During the first call Cathy tip toed into this subject as a way to help me with the clarity for my niche. Little did I know this would change my life in such a dramatic way. I felt safe, remember the circle of trust, and a bit anonymous with the others on the call so with her gentle questioning I began describing how I was treated. I just fell apart and let all of the emotions and feelings that I had stuffed for years bubble then roar to the surface.Part of my brain was asking what must the others be thinking? Oh my, I hope Cathy is okay, this must be more than she ever bargained for. And then none of it mattered as I released a type of poison that was holding me back and holding me down. It was an unbelievable personal breakthrough, my unexpected gift.

I’d like to report I had an immediate chorus of angels sing out and guide me to my new path but that was not the case. It was still bumpy and muddy but that was okay, I was healing.

You may only want to Nail Your Niche. I just happened to have needed more and will forever be blessed by Cathy’s kind spirit and her courage to ask the questions she knew needed asking.

Penny Hammond

testimonial for Nail Your NicheNail Your Niche was a game-changer for me. Cathy offers so much more than just marketing advice! She has a talent for helping people to tune into their hearts and to work from there to channel their true gifts. I’d been feeling stuck with my business and filled with self-doubt about whether I had anything of true value to offer. Every time I tried to get something done those doubting gremlins would wrestle me down and I ended up just spinning my wheels. This course allowed me to get crystal clear on my intention for my service and to view my offering in a completely new light. I was able to identify the ‘why’ behind what I was doing and who are the people who will most benefit from the service I bring them.

The experience was a catalyst for me and I’m now moving forward from a place of clarity and groundedness. I’m so glad I took this course!

Sarah O’Leary, Wellness Coach and Midlife Strategist

I was just starting out when I took Nail Your Niche. I had the sense that I wanted to help “women in transition” but had not really clarified my mission beyond that thought. The exercises and worksheets from the course really helped me to hone in on the most essential element of the service I offer which clarified my message almost instantly. Cathy’s feedback was invaluable in helping me craft language that feels authentic. This clarity has already shifted my interactions with potential clients bringing a new found confidence to my ability to help women hear, trust and take action on their inner wisdom. I’m now working on a series of workshops and retreats I hope to launch in the coming months.

Sue Whitehead

Cathy is a gifted coach and I am grateful for her compassion and genuine desire to see me succeed. I saw positive changes in my business during her Yoga of Marketing teleclass.   She challenged me to narrow my focus and to identify my core message. She helped me to look at obstacles and inspired me to find my motivation. To my surprise, her support did not end with the teleclass. She continues to be a source of valuable information and generous support.

Yolanda Faustini-Stone

Prior to meeting Cathy, I had taken several online business marketing classes, and while they were all excellent in their own way, I would find myself overwhelmed and paralysed often by the time we got to week 2.  I was feeling pretty down about my ability to move forward and didn’t understand why, despite ‘taking classes’, I couldn’t get it together.

Cathy’s guidance has helped move me from frustration to enthusiasm.  She has taken what seemed like total chaos in my own head and distilled from that, what I am really wanting. In addition, her understanding of what stage my business is in and what steps make the most sense to take in this stage is helping to quell overwork and the ‘try everything’ and see what sticks approach.

Cathy’s gifts of insight and compassion, coupled with her excellent knowledge of practical marketing skills make her my go-to person for growing my business. .  If you’re wandering around in the dark or just feel like you’ve gotten off-track, Cathy can show you the way back to the place where you light up.

Alissa Stein – www.alissastein.com

In our private work together, Cathy tapped into my passion for the work I do and showed me the way forward in my career. She made my heart sing, which caused the world around me to respond in glorious ways!


Cathy was able to zero in on my marketing message right away.  In our first session together, the words just poured out of me and she scooped them up into this wonderful thing called my home page. She totally got me right from the start.  Our work together provided me with clarity and strong vision for my business.

Susan DeRobertis

Before this class I felt totally stuck and stagnant in regard to my business.  I had no list, no newsletter, and no sense of a business.  I felt hopeless about it all.
Since completing the Yoga Of Marketing Business Building program, the ball is now rolling.  I created a newsletter I feel congruent with.  I have a list that’s growing….  I feel like I actually have a business .

I have spent countless dollars on marketing programs and while they gave strategy, none of them really helped me to zero in my my niche or to create a brand that was a reflection of who I am.  Because of all the have personal attention I got from Cathy in the program I was able to hone in on that piece of it.  I  also appreciated having a private forum to share questions and processing.

 I thought the content was very valuable and I really liked Cathy’s genuinely heartfelt, knowledgeable and personable approach to presenting it.

Paula Bobb- www.blossomingpossibilities.com