How To Get Off The Hours For Dollars Model

by Cathy on January 15, 2018

How to get off the hours for dollars model


This is a story is about a man who is a very experienced massage practitioner and therapist. A man who has helped hundreds of people.  He came to me for help because he was expanding the scope of his work and didn’t know how to talk about it in a way that people would understand.

Before our work together, he was doing body work sessions for $125 which often ran to 90 minutes.  In many cases he would then talk with his clients for 30 minutes or so after the session.  In addition, he would often have follow up calls with his clients and be available by text.

Basically he was providing services that went well beyond massage and was putting in a lot of uncompensated time.

He was also in the closet about the full nature of his work.

For years he noticed that many of the clients he worked with did not get their pain issues resolved through physical manipulation.  What he learned from working with these clients is that the source of people’s suffering isn’t purely physical. when we experience trauma or  something in life that causes us to contract, the body doesn’t always release or reset itself  which causes it to remain contracted—that’s when the pain becomes chronic.  In that case, working purely from a physical approach doesn’t resolve the problem.

What ’s needed is to get to the root of the trauma and release it from the body.
Even though he was doing the trauma work with many of his clients, he wasn’t talking about it —they thought they were coming for body work but were getting so much more.

In order to be compensated at a level commensurate with his experience and level of service, he needed a way to talk about his work so that clients understood the full value of it and understood why they should invest in working with him.

In our work together we came up with a name for this work and a way to describe it that people could quickly understand.  I helped him create and price packages that answer the needs of the clients he sees and that also fully compensate him for his time and energy.

By our fifth session together, he had already sold a package for $1500.  By the seventh session he sold a package for $4500.

His story proves the point I always make when I’m speaking to groups of entrepreneurs:

There are people who are looking for you. Looking for exactly what you do, exactly the way you do it.

And that includes you.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients out there looking for what you provide…and they are willing to pay for it.  But if you’re not visible, and not communicating what you do in a way they can understand, they can’t find you and that means they can’t get the help your work provides.

To me that’s just painful for everyone.

I am on a mission to eradicate the situation of brilliant coaches and practitioners with real solutions for issues struggling financially and not getting to the many who really need their help.

Sometimes it’s a communication issue.

Sometimes it’s a confidence issue.

Sometimes you don’t really see the power and possibility in your work and what you’re stewarding.

And that’s where I come in.

If you’re stuck, frustrated, and have a deep desire to expand your client base, work with more people and do bigger things,  I would like to help you accomplish that.

Here’s my offer to you:

As a way of kicking off the New Year, I am opening slots for a free 45 minute conversation with me.

During the conversation we’ll talk about where you’re stuck, what you really want to achieve with your work and a simple plan for how you can get there.

We will make a lot of headway in 45 minutes and you’ll leave our call feeling empowered to move forward.  And if I think there’s a way that I can help you beyond that call, we can also talk about that.

If this sounds like something that could be of value to you I suggest you click the link below and book your a call with me. I guarantee that it will help move you forward in building your business.

Click here to schedule a call

“If you keep doing the same things you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the same results.”


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