How To Do Business In The Fun Zone…

by Cathy on December 9, 2016

As you know, this has been a year of big changes for me.
I ended my 17 year marriage last September and moved to California in July.  It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here six months.  I feel so at home and settled and my life is full of friends, and fun and interesting places.
And of course Malibu.
I try and get there once a week if I can.
And in the midst of all of this, things have been evolving in my business.
Actually there’s been a big, huge, shift.  But it’s the result of years of retraining myself to let go of what I think I should do to make money and instead do what excites me.
The thing that lights me up.
The thing that life has exquisitely prepared me to do.
I’ve had a burning desire to use more video in my business.  And I’ve been talking about doing it for years.
But not just using video—being my crazy, sometimes foul-mouthed audacious self on video.
And I’ve finally taken the plunge.  
Here’s the first of the series that I’ve started on Facebook with my colleague Michelle White Hart (the high priestess of video):
Business in the Fun Zone:   Adventures in Networking
 You can see the video Here:
Michelle and I were thrilled that we had over 500 views on our first video and lots of great engagement.  The best part of it was that we were just talking and kidding around like we always do only this time the camera was on.
We’ll be live every Monday afternoon usually around 3pm Pacific on Facebook.
The videos will be public so all you will need to do is go to Facebook and do a search for my page (Cathy Wilke) and you should be able to see the videos.
I’ll also be putting them here.
It’s the FUN that fuels the machine-
Big Love,










Have you ever been in the situation of wanting to put yourself or your business out there, only to talk yourself out of it because the idea of being rejected felt soul crushing?

I’ve been in that painful place many times.

My typical pattern is to get so inspired by something or someone, get flooded with great ideas,  and then talk about it to a lot of people without taking any action. Eventually my enthusiasm evaporates and the idea falls by the wayside.

About a month ago, I was at a party and I got introduced to someone who is a high profile person in a business that I know nothing about but have started to have an interest in.

I spent most of the evening in a conversation with him about his work which I found totally fascinating.  I asked for his card so that I could go to his website and check out his program.

The next morning I went to the site to take a look around and it was the most confusing, poorly written, visually boring site I’ve been on in a long time.

This person was about to get his own TV show on a major news network where he’ll be giving his expertise and my fear is that his viewers will do just what I did when I went to his site–click away because it’s just too confusing.

Do I Dare?

I was so riveted by his business and have become so interested in his field that I could not deny the impulse to want to help him. He desperately needs a re-branding for his site and I want to be the one to do it.  I understand his message and know just how he needs to position himself.

I started putting together an e-mail and remembered that I’m in the middle of updating my home page which I want to be accurate in case he checks out my site.

It took one week to finish the updates on my site.

For each day that went by, sending the e-mail and working with him felt less and less like a good idea.

Because each day my inner saboteur got louder and louder:

“How rude is that, trying to sell him on your services after meeting him at a party?”

“He is so out of your league, what are you thinking?”

“It’s already after the fact, he probably won’t even remember you.”

Every cell of my being wanted to forget the whole thing.

It would have been so easy to skulk away and pretend it never happened as I had so many times before.

And thought, I have to take a stand for myself and I have to follow through this time.

Inspired Action and Right Alignment

The thing that allowed me to even consider sending the e-mail was my “why.”  I wasn’t approaching him because I was being strategic, I was approaching him because I was excited and interested in what he’s doing and I want to be part of it.

Taking inspired action is such a different feeling than being strategic.

It’s amazing how far unbridled enthusiasm can take you.

The more I realized that not by sending the e-mail I was allowing myself to hide, the more I knew I just had to do it.

And the less it became about his response.

When the day rolled around for me to send the e-mail, I was so ecstatic that I didn’t abandon the idea that I didn’t care if he deleted the e-mail and never even read it.

All that mattered was that I thought enough of myself to send it.

Because my focus was on breaking my usual pattern, I had inadvertently let go of the outcome and in doing so, experienced a soaring freedom I had no idea existed.

And just to seal the deal, right before I sent it, I hit a fly ball back to The Universe by saying: “I hold the intention for the highest outcome of this situation for all involved.”

So whatever happens, will happen.

But the real outcome for me was realizing I’d crossed over from needing a specific result to being able to step up and take a stand for my business and then get the hell out of the way.

I hit the send button and experienced the liberation that comes from not being attached.

Total Freedom.

And about two hours later, here’s what came into my inbox:

Thanks Cathy, I’m interested but swamped
I’ve spoken to others and it’s priority just not the top priority as I’ll need time to get settled etc.
so let’s stay in touch and see in a few months
thanks again-

The rest is still unwritten…
















I’m Moving On…

by Cathy on June 23, 2016

Goodbye New York...


I have missed you, my lovelies,

I’ve had a lot of changes in my life over the last few months. The most significant one being the end of my 17 year marriage in September.

I’ve spent the last few months processing my feelings because while it was time for the relationship to come to an end it was still a very difficult thing to do.

The upside of endings is that they’re a window into new beginnings.

Many of you are aware that it has been my dream to live in California.

And now I am finally free to pursue that dream.

I’ll be moving from New York to Los Angeles at the end of this month.

I have fantasized about this for suc

h a long time that a part of me can’t believe it’s really happening.

But it is.

I am starting a new chapter in the place I’ve dreamed of living and I could not be more excited.

What’s been really interesting in this process is telling other people about what I’m doing and seeing their reaction. Whether they’re close friends or someone I just met—they have all had a similar response: they are totally excited for me, think it’s a great idea, and are slightly (some more than others) envious.

It’s that thing about fresh starts…

They’re really seductive.

The other response I’ve gotten across the board is that everyone says how brave it is.

And I believe that’s true.

It’s a huge undertaking to move myself, my dog and my business across the country and if there’s any part of me that wanted to take the easy way out and just not do it or postpone it, all I need to do is think about my 18 year old self and I’m reminded why I have to see this through.

New York City Here I Come

I moved into Manhattan right after I graduated High School to go to college.

I went to NYU and as soon as I stepped foot on that campus, I knew I wanted to get an apartment in the Village. The only problem was that I already had a rent controlled apartment on the Upper East Side.

My limited thinking told me that I wouldn’t be able to find something comparable to the space I had or that I might end up with horrible neighbors and regret giving up my situation.

So I stayed in that apartment on the Upper East Side even though I desperately wanted to live in the village.

I lived there for 18 long years.

I look back now and all I can say is, ‘what was I thinking?’

Why didn’t I just move?

I believe it’s the same reason I stayed in a marriage that was over a long time ago.

Fear of the unknown.

And so, in addition to making this move for all the reasons I want to make it, I’m also doing it for her.

My 18 year old self.

The one who felt stuck and powerless

The one who felt she didn’t have a choice.

The one who thought she just had to accept what life gives you

On Thursday, June 30t, I will load my belongings and my dog into my car and my friend Nanette and I will drive to California.

This dream has been with me for a long time.

“And the time came when the risk of staying tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

The good news is I’m taking you all with me.

I’ll be video taping all of it along with my arrival in the promised land 🙂

I will be sending out the videos that I can upload easily in my newsletters (no guarantee on that one). If you’d like to be sure to join my road trip then friend me on Facebook and you’ll get to see it broadcast on Facebook Live*

What desire are you harboring that you need to say YES to?

Wishing you YESES to all that’s for your highest and best.

Big Love,

*What is Facebook Live?
It’s live streaming video. If we’re friends on FB then my posts will show up in your newsfeed and so will my live videos which means you’ll be able to comment while I’m broadcasting and I’ll be able to talk back to you.

All you need to do is “friend me” and when I’m making a video it will show up in your newsfeed.









What Should You Put On Your About Page?

Or as I like to say:

What to hold back and what to reveal in your marketing

I was working with a client the other day and she was completely stuck in regard to what content to put on her About page.

It’s hard to talk about ourselves and frankly, no one wants to read a bio when they come to your site to learn more about who you are.

Your About page needs to let them know who you REALLY are.

Not necessarily the hot mess you, but you know, what matters to you, what you live for, what you would die for.

That kind of stuff.

And please for the love of GOD—write your ABOUT page in the first person.

As I’ve said many times, when you’re providing a service and you’re the provider people aren’t buying the service, they’re buying YOU.

We sometimes forget when coming up with content for a website that the most important function of that content is to create a connection.

Not to sell stuff!

Not initially anyway.

I know, shocker, right?

one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs who are in the business of helping or self-improvement make is trying to make the sale too soon.

Think about those websites you’ve been on that feel manipulative and salesy.
You know the ones–and you know how you feel after visiting them.


But I Want To Be Seen As An Expert

You can be seen as highly skilled, respected and professional BUT still show your humanity and vulnerability.

As a matter of fact, the more you allow your vulnerability through, the more people want to work with you and be part of your tribe.

If you’re trying to look professional or like a corporation, there’s nothing for the person reading or watching to connect with.

So many entrepreneurs  end up missing the opportunity to touch the heart of the person reading because they’re trying so hard to look professional.

Here’s a Great Place To Start/

Here are some questions that can be used as writing guidelines for your About page:

What brought you to doing this work?
What makes you uniquely qualified to do this work?  And I’m not talking about certifications 🙂

How are you different from others who do the same thing?
What’s something that hardly anyone knows about you?

What’s your guilty pleasure?

What kind of stuff do you  do in your free time?

Of course you should include your schooling, certifications, number of years of study, famous clients, awards you may have won or anything else that positions you as an expert in your field.

You just don’t want it to be ONLY about that.

Your potential clients need to know you understand their issues and that you get them.

It’s not enough to be passionate about what you do; your passion needs to speak to people in your marketing.

If you’re interested in learning how to create marketing that not only connects but helps your business stand out from all the others in your space, then check out the FREE webinar I’m doing on April 28th called:  Secrets To Creating Powerful Marketing.


Learn what it takes to create a marketing message that lets potential clients
connect immediately with what you do and makes it a no-brainer for them to hire you.

To register for the FREE webinar, CLICK HERE.

What are some of the things you’ve done with your marketing that have worked for you?
How do you feel about letting yourself be a little more transparent?
Feel free to post in the comments:


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