Are You Still Visualizing?

by Cathy on February 9, 2011

Remember the book and DVD “The Secret”?

In case you were somewhere underground in 2006, The Secret is a book that’s based on “the law of attraction”  which uses visualization (intense visualization) to create what you want in your life whether it’s money, a relationship, a place to live, opportunities…  It’s all summed up really well in the tagline:  Ask. Believe. Receive.

Ooooops…they forgot something…

The premise of The Secret is that if you can envision what you really want clearly and down to the last detail, if you practice envisioning that everyday eventually you will MANIFEST it.


You can visualize your brains out but if you’ve got emotional and mental blocks to success/abundance/a relationship it doesn’t matter what you kind of magic you employ–it’s not going to work.

 Getting what you want involves having the right mindset AND rolling up your sleeves and doing the dirty work.

 One without the other isn’t really effective.

Setting intentions is great.  Being clear on what you want also great, and taking the steps to get there is key,  but you need to take a look underneath…

Let’s turn it around.
If you’re harboring a fear of failure, fear of being seen, or fear of success you’ll be too twisted up inside to take the steps you need to to create whatever outcome it is that you want.

You’ve Got To Step Out of the Way

When you’re in your own way you spend a lot of time being stuck, feeling bad about your situation, and being angry and that you don’t have what you want and that you’re so far from getting it.

It’s still a physical world and therefore:
no action = no results.
If you don’t take the action in the physical world that produces results, no matter how positive or how much attraction you’ve got going for you things won’t move forward.
And then you blame yourself for not being “powerful enough to manifest what you want.”

And For The Real Secret

So if you’re feeling discouraged that you’re not getting where you want to go, look at what it is you really want in life and then take a moment to look at what about having that scares you.

Your first reaction may be:  there’s nothing scary about it–I just want it.   Stay with the question, “What about having X scares me?” There might be something there that you had no idea existed and it may very well be what’s keeping you from taking action and moving closer.

There’s so much information that comes from doing this exercise.  I hope you take the time to do it and please be so gentle with yourself around what comes up.  It may really surprise you.

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