Are You Offering Them a Vision or Something They Need?

by Cathy on June 10, 2013

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What to Hold Back and What To Reveal In Your Marketing

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who are just starting their business.  They come to me with some great skills and very often a big vision for their business.

There is no one that loves a cause, a vision, an overarching theme that ties it all together than I do.

And it’s important to know what that is for your business and to be connected to it at all times.
But your big vision–what you’re in service to, especially when you’re first starting out is not what’s out front in your business.  It’s a guiding force and works behind the scenes.

For example- I am a marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs who are in the fields of healing or self-improvement to create branding messages that speak to their ideal clients so that those who need their help know they are out there.

That’s the service my business provides.

The problem my business solves is inability to market your business effectively.

My bigger vision and what my business is in service to:

To help to make alternative healing and energy healing main stream so that those who want to take their health into their own hands know there are many ways to do that. It is my goal that through the work I do, to create an environment where people get educated in how to take care of themselves and understand alternative self-care so they never have to get sick in the first place.  It is my vision that alternative medicine and energy healing become the norm and that western medicine becomes the exception.

This is something you would not necessarily get from looking at my website–but you might learn my position on the issue of alternative healing from my tweets, FB updates and blog posts.

If I used the above big vision as my elevator speech or core marketing message would the holistic practitioners, coaches, and healers that I want to help know that I have a solution for them?

What’s the Problem You Solve With Your Business?

When you want someone to pay you for your services, being clear about the solution your business provides to an individual’s specific problem is key when it comes time for money to be exchanged.

Your potential client wants to know how you’re going to help them with whatever it is they’re struggling with.

How you plan to make a shift in the world with the work you do–not so much.

People will buy into specifics, but not generalities.

I believe that identifying what you are in service to is crucial.  For me, it’s the place I come back to over and over again to recommit to the work that I do and for inspiration.

You could say that what you’re in service to is the fuel for the machinery that is your business.

Being clear on what you’re in service to helps you know when to say yes to and when to say no.

It also keeps you focused on what really matters.

And over time, what you’re in service to can come through in your marketing but it’s not the starting place for a new business.

It’s something you grow into.

Getting What You’re In Service To Out There

If you have something that you’re in service to in your business and you’re really passionate about it, there are other ways to bring it out in into the world.

You can build a community around it or you can use it as a theme to put your ideas out in the world.  There are many ways.

It just so happens I’ll be talking all about creating online groups and communities tonight at 8PM EST with Marisa Goudy and Corinna Rake of Online Empowerment Formula.  It’s a free webinar, so why don’t you join us.
  In the meantime, I’d love to know your ideas or challenges for incorporating your big vision into the marketing message of your business.

All comments will be held as always, with love and care…

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  • Hmmm, Cathy, I’m getting this through my thick skull. My big vision is to wake up young professionals. I found a thread to what I do in helping them to create freedom in their lives through managing their resources (in particular money), more effectively. I still feel like the 2 are so far apart though.

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