About Me

That’s me right there–Cathy Wilke.

I’m a business coach and bridge architect.  My mission in life is to help you create work you love and make a great living at it.

I’ve had the audacity to live life on my own terms…most of the time.  There were some periods due to circumstances that I had to take jobs for the money.  I know how painful it is to feel like you’re trapped doing something that’s meaningless and how not engaging in work you love skews your entire existence.

Bridge Architect?

You may think changing careers or abandoning your steady job to start a business is like jumping of a cliff into an abyss.  Actually, it doesn’t have to be anything like that.  I use the bridge metaphor in my work because I help people build a strong, sturdy, bridge from where they are to where they want to go.

I believe that you  have the right to meaningful and engaging work.  And I believe you deserve to make a comfortable living doing what you love.

The more people that I can help down this path, the better.

And you know all of this because?

I’ve started two businesses and helped my husband transition from a 20 year career in the insurance industry to his dream job of working in television news. In addition to guiding clients on the path to meaningful work and growing their small business,  I was the director of marketing and public relations for On Location Tours, a major tour company in New York City.

During my time at On Location Tours, the company was featured in the New York Times, Crain’s New York Business, USA Today, The Washington PostThe New York Post, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, Extra, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, E! News, and hundreds of foreign newspapers and magazines including Globe and Mail UK, Cosmopolitan Finland, OK! Australia, and many others.

I know how to grow a business when you have zero dollars to invest in it.  I love coming up with creative ways to solve business issues when there’s no money to throw at the problem. I am a champion of people who want to make a difference in this world.  I want to see them thrive and grow.

Prior to starting my  coaching practice, I toured the tri-state area with my one-woman play:  Thin Body, Fat Mind: One Woman’s Lifelong Struggle with Dieting, Bingeing, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Fit.

Thin Body, Fat Mind has  toured high schools and Universities in Westchester and Connecticut since 2005. It was featured at the Uniquely Me Ambassador Summit at both the Westchester-Putnam and Long Island Councils of the Girl Scouts Council in November 2006.

In 2007, Thin Body, Fat Mind was presented for Women Empowered; a professional women’s organization at Keyspan Energy in New York City.

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