A Grounded Approach To Promoting Your Work: The Online Empowerment Formula

by Cathy on February 19, 2013

Online empowerment courseBy Guest Blogger- Marisa Goudy

What does empowerment mean to you?

It’s about making your own inspired choices, controlling your own destiny, and having the courage and the tools to meet your daily challenges.

  As an entrepreneur, you know that you’re most successful when you feel empowered in your business. You choose to work with ideal clients rather than desperately trying to appeal to everyone. You make your own schedule and value self-care. You do the work that best enables you to share your gifts with the world.

  So many elements of empowerment are rooted in ancient wisdom and timeless values.

Though the world has changed, the quest to be happy, fulfilled, and of service to others has stuck with us. And yet, even though we’ve gained countless new freedoms in recent years, there seem to be so many disempowering forces out there.

 The Internet and the entire digital universe is immensely empowering – you can reach new clients in ways that was never possible before. And, at the same time potentially so disempowering – how much time and energy can be wasted on Facebook?

As a writer and communications consultant specializing in the needs of wellness professionals and holistic entrepreneurs, the Internet has been the main way I’ve connected with clients and allies. I love social media and everything it makes possible… and yet I’ve found it to be a tremendous source of stress and frustration too.

Even if you’re someone who feels very grounded and confident when it comes to presenting yourself in the “real world,” it’s so easy to short-circuit when you hit the Web. Time gets away from you. You start focusing on numbers and get lost in a popularity contest based on likes and retweets. You find yourself connecting with people over pictures of cute puppies rather than the powerful healing work that you offer.

In the Internet Age, we don’t just need empowerment, we need Online Empowerment.

It is possible for you to make your own inspired choices, control your own destiny, and find the courage and the tools to meet challenges every time you go online. Truly embracing Online Empowerment transforms the way you present yourself on the Web and changes your whole outlook on how you can make the Internet work for you.

The good news?

Online Empowerment is not about being super tech savvy or “going viral.”

The great news? Online Empowerment is completely within your reach.

Online Empowerment is:
•    having a purpose every time you go online
•    owning a strategy so that you can achieve your business goals and fulfill your purpose
•    building the necessary tech and communications skills to reach those goals
•    knowing what resources to use and knowing when to ask for help
The digital world can be overwhelming, but doesn’t have to be. You just need to ground your approach to online marketing with an awareness of your goals and values.

Admittedly, you may need to develop some skills when to comes to using certain key online platforms – especially the behind-the-scenes stuff on your website –  but when you think of how many doors open when you get your online presence to work for you, it is all worth it.

Get a more in-depth look at how Online Empowerment can transform the way you connect with your ideal tribe.

On Monday, February 25 we’re offering  The Online Empowerment Website Course where you’ll learn to build, write and market your own website in 8 weeks!

Marisa GoudyMarisa Goudy is a writer , a communications consultant, and an energy healer.  It’s her mission to empower entrepreneurs to market their work in a balanced, conscious way. Co-creator of the Online Empowerment Formula, she is collaborates with website designer Corinna Rake on a course that teaches entrepreneurs to build, write, and market their own websites.



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