Out on the Limb

by Cathy on February 2, 2011


This may seem like a piece about business, but it’s actually about letting go, stepping out, and discovering your true calling.

There’s no end to the information about how having a niche is important if not crucial to having a successful business.  I totally get it and as a business coach I see how excruciating the process of declaring a niche can be for small business owners, especially those in the healing or self improvement business.  I know this pain, I’ve been through it myself.

Massage therapists, EFT practitioners, life coaches, NLP practitioners, energy healers–who couldn’t benefit from any of these modalities?  Everyone could benefit…but when you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.

When you’re in a business that utilizes your talent and is your calling…you’re also called to help a certain group–they’re the group that you resonate with either because of something they struggle with that you’ve overcome or a shared passion.  Picking a niche is not an intellectual choice–it’s the place where your life experience, training, talent, and passion intersect.  You don’t pick your niche, it picks you.

And even when you know who you’re meant to serve, sometimes it’s still hard to commit to them.  What about all the others who could also benefit?  What about them, and the possible income they would bring to the business?  This is where a lot of people get stuck and give up trying to figure it out.   It seems crazy to waste time trying to market to those who might benefit and instead focus on speaking in a meaningful way to those who really are the right fit and yet… it’s hard to let go of what might be possible.

It’s much easier to wait for someone to find you than stake a claim for the people you feel called to serve.

When you stake a claim for your right people you’re stepping out on the limb.

You can hide under the umbrella of your service, defining your business by what you do and just hope that the people who need you will find you.
It takes courage this stepping out, this choosing.

It’s not a head thing, it’s a heart thing.

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  • This is a fantastic post, Cathy. I've seen people write lengthy explanations about why we should pick specific niches, but this short and sweet post goes straight to the heart of why it's so difficult. It also gives us a taste of the why, but in a gentle, empathetic way.

    I especially like “Yu don't pick your niche, it picks you” and “It's not a head thing, it's a heart thing.” Having recently had an epiphany about the specific people I want most to serve, I can say that in my case, both these statements were true. :o)

  • CathyWilke

    I didn't want to just re-state everything that's already been said about it–and as we both know, that's a lot. I appreciate you sharing your niche experience with me 🙂

  • I agree with Michelle's post….. and I especially like what you say about “letting go, stepping out and discovering our true calling…..” wise words expressed clearly, succinctly and with heart.

  • CathyWilke

    Thanks–that's a great compliment!

  • Ravenkeyes

    Beautiful post, Cathy! I love it! xo

  • Sharon

    Very well said Kathy. You addressed some of the reasons it feels so scary to pick a niche. And then you beautifully stated why we must. It is an act of courage.

  • CathyWilke

    you know, I don't know why I didn't use the word courage in the post, but you're totally right–that's exactly what it is.

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